Market Research to unlock opportunities in Africa

Targeted Whatsapp Surveys, distributed at scale, to help you uncover new sources of growth in Africa

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Build custom  WhatsApp surveys & distribute to a targeted audience

Rapidly recruit previously inaccessible customer segments through our network of participants.

Yazi gives you faster and more cost-effective access to insights.

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How it works

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Specify audience and send your survey questions

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Questions are loaded into WhatsApp and screened users complete questions

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Receive data visual dashboard with a full demographic of each respondent and a CSV of the raw data

Great insights start with talking to the right customer

We help identify new personas and uncover the next big opportunity with rich, comprehensive insights on changing consumers and competitors.

Whether you need a kick-start to existing products, channels or customers, or to create entirely new opportunities by “uncovering unknowns”.

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Get closer to your customer

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Target your audience and re-engage past respondents


Traditional researchers charge 2-4x more than us

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3 layers of data quality and accuracy measures in place

Speed yazi

2-3 days turnaround time for responses from a screened audience

Use cases

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Go from Ideation

Line Yazi

To validated launch

Idea validation

Validate your new product at each stage of developent, ensuring quick & informed decision-making from conceptualisation to release.

Consumer profiling

Find your ideal customer segment by identifying & profiling the people who experience your product's pain-point.

Competitor analysis

Survey & analyse your competitor’s target audience to differentiate yourself & develop a strategic & competitive positioning.

Product discovery

Discover jobs-to-be done and customer pain-points to inform your product decisions

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“Thanks Sarah! And, how old are you?”

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“Do you use the same payment method at the market? ”

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person using yazi

“I'm 24 years old.”

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“I prefer to pay with cash at the market”

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Our survey respondents are verified and screened before they answer surveys, providing you with high data integrity that scales with your needs.


Empowering Africans

We aim not only to transform your business, but also to change the lives of many African people by providing a platform for growth and financial freedom.

A description of something not being geographically restricted
Not restricted geographically

Respondents are able to earn from anywhere - not restricted by geography

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Low-income background

Income earning opportunity for people from low-income background

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Everyone is welcome

Our surveys require participants of a number of different backgrounds

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