Recollective vs Yazi

Running qualitative research in emerging markets can be difficult, especially with the challenges that these individual markets face. You need a platform that not only represents all participants from those markets but is also able to collect rich data that unlocks the insights you need.

Below, you'll find out how research platforms Recollective and Yazi compare on data collection types, recruiting, response rates, pricing and more.

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Introduction to Market Research Platforms and Qualitative Research

Market research is crucial for businesses and organizations as it helps them make informed decisions. One key part of market research is qualitative research, which aims to understand people's behaviours, motivations, and attitudes on a deeper level. This is where market research platforms come in handy, providing the tools needed to gather and analyze this kind of data.

The choice of the right market research platform is critical. It should fit well with the area and the people you are targeting. In emerging markets like many countries in Africa, choosing a platform that people are comfortable with can greatly improve engagement and the quality of data collected.

Platform Overviews: Yazi and Recollective

Yazi and Recollective are two platforms designed for market research, each having its own set of features to cater to the needs of researchers.

Yazi stands out with its unique feature of integrating with WhatsApp, a messaging app widely used in many African countries. This feature allows researchers to create and send out surveys through a simple web app, which then get sent out via a WhatsApp bot. Yazi's approach makes it easier to reach a broad range of people, including those who are usually hard to reach through other digital means. It supports different types of questions and allows participants to respond with text, choices, or even media like photos and videos, all through WhatsApp's familiar interface.

On the other hand, Recollective is a comprehensive online platform for in-depth qualitative research. It has various tools for interactive discussions and real-time chats with participants. While it also supports text and media responses, it doesn't have the advantage of WhatsApp integration like Yazi.

Comparing Yazi and Recollective highlights how Yazi's WhatsApp integration can be a game-changer in reaching and engaging a wider audience, especially in emerging markets like Africa.


Data Collection Types (Media + Question Types)

Qualitative research shines when you can collect different types of data, which gives a well-rounded view of the subject being studied. Both Yazi and Recollective offer a range of data collection options, but Yazi has a more straightforward approach.

Yazi makes it easy to collect:

  • Open Text
  • images
  • videos,
  • Multiple Choice
  • and audio inputs through WhatsApp.

Participants can respond with media files just as naturally as they would in a regular chat, making the process engaging. Moreover, Yazi uses smart technology to sort, transcribe, and label media data, turning the raw data into structured information ready for analysis.

Recollective, while capable of collecting different types of data, might not be as easy to use or accessible, especially in places where data costs and digital know-how are barriers.


  • Live Interview
  • Discussions
  • Screen Capture
  • Sort and Rank

The main thing that sets Yazi apart is it’s use of WhatsApp within the context of the market. Considering that literacy levels are rather low and data gets more expensive over the years, WhatsApp is the most frictionless approach with 60%+ response rates.

Panel Management and Participant Recruitment

When it comes to managing research panels and recruiting participants, incentives play a significant role in encouraging people to take part in surveys. Both Yazi and Recollective have their approaches to this aspect of market research.

Yazi stands out by offering an autonomous incentive system. Respondents are able to see their balance via WhatsApp and you as the researcher are able to incentivise participants in different ways that are best suited for emerging markets.

Such as:

  • Airtime
  • Digital Cash
  • 80 000+ In-store vouchers
  • Cash send to participants number

Yazi also allows you to manually send reminders to your participants through WhatsApp for higher response rate, screeners and have a full participant profile.  

On the other side, Recollective has its system of managing panels and recruiting participants. You can use Recollective to:

  • send reminders to participants who have not yet completed an activity.
  • offer incentives to participants for completing activities.
  • Screen participants for a new study.

However, it may not offer the same level of accessibility and engagement as Yazi, especially in emerging markets where incentive payment is harder to fulfill and participants are harder to engage with.

Data Export, Reporting and Analysis

The ability to accurately analyse data is a cornerstone of effective market research. Here again, Yazi and Recollective provide different capabilities.

Yazi excels with its AI-powered analysis features, especially when it comes to transcribing.

  • AI Voice Note and Video Transcription
  • AI Open Text Translation
  • AI Sentiment Analysis

These transcriptions, translations and analyses are done automatically, saving researchers a lot of time while ensuring accuracy. Additionally, Yazi offers real-time data analysis, which is invaluable in making timely decisions based on the latest data. This feature is incredibly beneficial in fast-paced research environments where timely insights are crucial. Study results can then be export in the following formats to share with your team or client.

File Exports:

  • CSV
  • PDF
  • Excel

Recollective also offers a suite of analysis tools but may not have the same level of AI-powered solutions but they do have strong real time analytics solutions such as

  • Image Review
  • Excerpt and Code
  • Interactive charts
  • Word Clouds  

The difference in these features can significantly affect the speed and ease with which researchers can derive insights from the collected data.

Recollective also provide a wider array of file export types.
Export types:

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • SPSS
  • Stata

Yazi vs Recollective Pricing:


  • Setup Cost: USD795
  • per project Pricing:
  • Per project: USD106
  • Per 100 participants: USD106
  • Per 10 questions (Survey Design & Analysis): USD212
  • Monthly Software License:
  • 1 - 500 MAUs: USD80
  • 501 - 1,500 MAUs: USD132
  • 1,500 - 3,000 MAUs: USD170
  • 3,001+ MAUs: Custom Pricing


  • Starting Price: USD665

Yazi has a clear, itemized pricing structure, while Recollective has a starting price with further costs likely based on specific project or licensing needs. The initial cost of Recollective is lower than the setup cost of Yazi, but Yazi provides a detailed breakdown of ongoing costs per project and monthly license fees.


Pros and Cons Overall

Both Yazi and Recollective come with their own set of advantages, catering to different needs within the market research landscape.

Yazi notably excels in accessibility, higher response rates, rich media data collection, and real-time AI analysis. Its unique WhatsApp integration not only broadens the reach but significantly enhances engagement with a diverse demographic, particularly in emerging markets. This integration allows for the collection of a variety of media data including text, images, audio, and video, which are further enriched through AI-powered analysis. The real-time data analysis feature of Yazi ensures timely insights, which is critical for decision-making in fast-paced research scenarios.

Recollective might have certain advantages in other areas; however, when circling back to the primary needs of emerging markets, Yazi’s features stand out as more fitting. The ease of participation, the richness of data collected, and the real-time analysis are crucial factors that make Yazi a more appealing choice for market researchers operating in these regions.

Real-World Impact and Case Studies

The real-world impact of Yazi on market research is substantial, as evidenced by various research papers highlighting the effectiveness and advantages of using WhatsApp for data collection. Through Yazi, researchers have been able to reach a wider audience, obtain a richer set of data, and derive insights in real-time. The platform’s capability to seamlessly integrate with WhatsApp has demonstrated a significant enhancement in response rates and engagement levels, overcoming traditional hurdles encountered in digital survey methodologies. The real-time analysis of diverse data types, including voice and video, provides a deeper understanding, making Yazi a potent tool in contemporary market research.


In conclusion, the distinctive features of Yazi, particularly its WhatsApp integration, provide an unmatched level of accessibility, especially in emerging markets. The platform facilitates a richness in data collection, encompassing various media types, which when coupled with real-time AI analysis, renders a robust and efficient solution for market research needs. While Recollective and other platforms have their merits, Yazi’s unique selling propositions make it a more viable choice for market researchers aiming for comprehensive, real-time, and insightful data analysis in emerging markets. The comparative advantages of Yazi, especially in terms of accessibility, data richness, and real-time analysis, underscore its potential in revolutionising market research methodologies, making it a highly recommended choice for market research agencies operating in dynamic and diverse market landscapes.

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