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Dscout vs Yazi

Running qualitative research in emerging markets can be difficult, especially with the challenges that these individual markets face. You need a platform that not only represents all participants from those markets but is also able to collect rich data that unlocks the insights you need.

Below, you'll find out how research platforms Dscout and Yazi compare on data collection types, recruiting, response rates, pricing and more.

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PricingFlexible, Usage-Based PricingFixed Monthly Pricing Plans
Minimum Contract LengthNo Fixed Contract, Month-to-MonthHas a Minimum Contract Length
Communication & Engagement
Notifications & Bulk Messaging
Manage Conversations
Data Collection Management
Audio Transcriptions
Voice, Image & Video Data Collection
Real Time Data Collection
Participant Management
Data Security
Survey Customisation & Logic
In-Study Logic, Routing and In-text Branching
Question Types
Qualitative Surveys

(Create in-depth qualitative surveys with various question types)

(Customisable Research Tools)

Analysis & Reporting
AI Sentiment Analysis
AI Sentiment Analysis
Data Exports (CSV, Excel, PDF)
Data Visualisation
Additional Features
Incentive Fulfilment and Management
Translate Responses and Questions

Getting to Know Market Research Platforms

Market research platforms are important tools used by businesses to understand what their customers think and feel. They help gather opinions and other useful information which can be used to make better business decisions. Choosing the right platform is very important to gather reliable and useful information easily and quickly.

Here, we will introduce you to two such platforms - Yazi and dscout, each with its own special features designed to help with market research. Yazi uses WhatsApp, a popular messaging app, to reach and engage with people, especially in emerging markets. On the other hand, dscout provides a space for deeper exploration through its platform.

Platform Overview


Yazi is a unique market research platform that makes use of WhatsApp to connect with people and collect their responses. It's easy to create surveys on Yazi, which are then sent out to people through a WhatsApp bot. The responses are collected in real-time, making it a quick and efficient tool for market research.

Yazi is designed to be easy to use and engaging, making it an effective tool for collecting different types of responses - be it text, choice-based answers, or even media like images, videos, and voice notes. It can be used for simple surveys or more detailed studies to understand consumer behaviour and market trends.


dscout, on the other hand, is a platform that allows researchers and participants to share experiences and insights. It's suitable for those looking to do in-depth studies over a period of time. On dscout, researchers can create tasks for participants, who then share their experiences through videos and survey responses.

The platform is structured yet flexible, making it a good choice for different types of exploratory studies. It also offers a range of features for designing studies, recruiting participants, and collecting detailed self-reported data.


Data Collection Types

Both Yazi and dscout offer strong features for collecting data but in different ways.

shines with its ability to collect various types of media through WhatsApp. Besides text and choice-based answers, it allows collecting images, videos, and voice notes. This feature of collecting media is very useful, especially in places where people may find it easier to respond through media rather than text.


  • MP3
  • Video
  • Images
  • Open Text
  • and multiple choice answers

however, allows the collection of video responses and self-reported data through its own platform. Although it also supports collecting detailed data, the process is different from Yazi. Yazi leverages the popularity and ease of use of WhatsApp to get higher response rates and natural engagement from participants, making it a potentially better choice for market research in emerging markets where WhatsApp is widely used.

  • Collects: Video Responses
  • Self Reported Data

Panel Management


Yazi has a smart autonomous system for managing incentives and paying respondents on time. The participants are able to see what rewards they’ve earned on WhatsApp and separate SMS will be sent to them informing them about their money earned. Rewards come in different forms that are best suitable for participants in emerging markets.

Incentive Payment:

  • Airtime
  • Digital Cash
  • 80 000+ In-store vouchers
  • Cash send to participants number


On the other hand, Dscout also has features for managing participants and incentives, but it operates within its own platform. While it still has ways to encourage participation and manage rewards, it may not be as direct or intuitive as the approach Yazi takes for participants in emerging markets.

Recruiting Participants & Response Rates


Yazi has an edge when it comes to keeping people engaged. It uses WhatsApp to send reminders and encourage participants to complete surveys. This is a big deal because it helps in getting more responses and maintaining high response rates. The ease of use and familiarity of WhatsApp also mean people are more likely to start and finish surveys.

  • 60%+ Response Rate
  • 2-5x Turnover Rate


dscout, while having its own methods for recruiting participants and keeping them engaged, may not reach as broad an audience especially in emerging markets where WhatsApp is highly popular. The recruitment and engagement strategies might need more steps or may not be as familiar to the participants compared to WhatsApp, which could affect response rates.

  • 30+% Response Rate


Data Export, Reporting, and Analysis


One of the standout features of Yazi is its AI-powered analysis. This means, after collecting responses, it uses smart technology to analyse text, voice notes, and even video, turning them into useful insights quickly. For voice notes and videos, Yazi has an audio transcription feature which converts spoken words into text, making analysis easier and faster. It also has the ability to detect the sentiment within open text responses.

  • AI Voice Note Transcription
  • AI Open Text Translation
  • AI Open text analysis
  • AI Sentiment Analysis

Data Exports can be done in several file formats such as PDF, Excel and CSV. This will give you access to not only


dscout also offers strong features for exporting data, reporting, and analysis. It has its own set of tools for digging into the responses collected and drawing out useful insights. Dscout also has their own suite of machine learning systems that can help you immensely with analysing responses received. However, it may not have the same level of real-time analysis and audio transcription integrated within as Yazi does, especially when it comes to handling media like voice notes and videos from WhatsApp.

  • Automated transcripts
  • Expressiveness filters
  • Response-level tagging
  • Interactive word clouds



Yazi offers a flexible pricing strategy that’s friendly to different budget sizes. It has a small monthly subscription fee, but the main costs come from actual usage - the number of research projects, participants involved, and additional features used. This model allows for cost control and makes it possible to scale the budget according to the project needs.


dscout, on the other hand, may have a different pricing structure. The costs could be based on a subscription model or per project, and it might not offer the same level of flexibility as Yazi when it comes to scaling up or down based on usage.

Pros and Cons


Yazi shines when it comes to accessibility, especially in African markets where WhatsApp is a go-to communication tool. This makes it easy to reach a diverse audience, get high response rates, and collect rich media data effortlessly. The pricing model of Yazi also makes it a cost-effective option for both small and large scale projects.


dscout has its strengths too, possibly in the range of features it offers or its established reputation in the market. However, when it comes to accessibility and engagement in emerging markets, Yazi’s WhatsApp integration seems to be a game changer, offering a familiar and user-friendly platform for participants.



In wrapping up, Yazi emerges as a compelling choice for market research in emerging markets, particularly in Africa. Its accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to collect rich qualitative data through WhatsApp make it stand out. Whether you are looking into cost-effective solutions or aiming for high engagement rates, Yazi provides a platform that aligns well with these goals, making it a viable alternative to dscout.

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