Indeemo vs Yazi

Running qualitative research in emerging markets can be difficult, especially with the challenges that these individual markets face. You need a platform that not only represents all participants from those markets but is also able to collect rich data that unlocks the insights you need.

Below, you'll find out how research platforms Indeemo and Yazi compare on data collection types, recruiting, response rates, pricing and more.

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Data Collection Management
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Getting to Know Market Research Platforms

Market research platforms are tools that help businesses and researchers gather information to make better decisions. In places like Africa where many are getting online, choosing the right platform is important. It can save time, money, and ensure the information collected is useful. In this light, we're introducing you to Yazi and Indeemo, two platforms that help in gathering market information, but in slightly different ways.

A Closer Look at Yazi and Indeemo


Yazi is a unique platform that uses WhatsApp to help you collect information. It's easy to set up surveys with Yazi, which then get sent out through a WhatsApp bot to the people you want to hear from. What makes Yazi stand out is how it makes it easy for people to respond, especially since many people use WhatsApp daily. Also, you can collect a variety of responses including text, choice-based answers, pictures, videos, or voice messages. Yazi uses smart technology to help make sense of the responses, making it easier for you to understand what your audience is saying.


Indeemo, on the other hand, is all about capturing experiences on the go. It allows people to share their thoughts through videos, photos, and screen grabs using its app. It's great for capturing real-time reactions from people, which can be very useful to understand how they interact with products or services. The main reasons someone might choose Indeemo include its easy-to-use app, the ability to collect rich visual data, and getting to see how people behave in real situations.

Comparing Data Collection Types

What You Can Collect

When we compare what kind of data you can collect with Yazi and Indeemo, there's a clear difference.
with its WhatsApp connection, allows for a mix of text, choices, and media like images, videos, or voice messages. This is great as it doesn't require people to use anything other than WhatsApp, which they likely already have on their phones.


  • MP3
  • Video
  • Images
  • Open Text
  • and multiple choice answers

also lets you collect photos and videos, but through its own app. This means people would need to download a new app, which might be a step too many for some.


  • Images
  • Video
  • Text
  • Screen Recordings


In conclusion, if you're looking for an alternative to Indeemo, especially for qualitative research in emerging markets, Yazi could be a great choice. Its use of WhatsApp makes it easy for people to participate, and its ability to collect different types of responses gives you a well-rounded view of what your audience thinks and feels.

Managing Your Panel


With Yazi, managing your research panel is a breeze, especially when it comes to rewarding participants. Yazi has an autonomous incentive system within their platform, where you can offer various types of rewards like airtime, vouchers, or even bank transfers for larger incentives. This not only makes it easy for you to manage incentives but also is convenient for participants as they can see their rewards right in WhatsApp.

Incentive Payment:

  • Airtime
  • Digital Cash
  • 80 000+ In-store vouchers
  • Cash send to participants number

    Panel Management
  • Full respondent profiles
  • Assign respondents based on demographic information
  • Recruit through Yazi’s own panel or from your own imported panel


Indeemo also offers panel management features. It helps you keep track of your participants, their activities, and responses in an organized way. However, it may not have the same seamless incentive management system specifically designed for the emerging markets audience.

Incentive Payment:

  • PayPal: Indeemo can send incentives directly to your panelists' PayPal accounts.
  • Amazon gift cards: Indeemo can send Amazon gift cards to your panelists' email addresses.
  • Bank transfer: Indeemo can transfer incentives to your panelists' bank accounts, if they provide their bank account details.

Panel Management

  • creating and editing profiles, adding and removing respondents, and assigning them to projects.
  • recruit new respondents to your panel, either through your own channels or through Indeemo's network of partners.
  • Demographics, survey completion rates, and feedback.

Getting People Involved and Keeping Them Engaged


One of the cool things about Yazi is its ability to re-engage participants on WhatsApp. If someone hasn't completed a survey, Yazi can send them a nudge to encourage completion. This feature helps in keeping response rates high, which is crucial for getting reliable data. The familiar setting of WhatsApp also makes people more comfortable and likely to respond.

Main Feature:

  • You are able to re-engage with your panel live on WhatsApp manually for higher completion rates
  • 60%+ Response Rate
  • 2-5x Turnover Rate


On the other hand, Indeemo has its own ways of recruiting and engaging participants. However, it might not have the same level of re-engagement feature as Yazi. This could potentially lead to lower response rates or require additional efforts to keep participants engaged throughout the research process.

Making Sense of The Data


Yazi shines when it comes to analyzing the data collected. It uses AI-powered analysis to sift through responses, including transcribing audio from voice notes. This feature is a time-saver and ensures that you don't miss out on any valuable insights. It simplifies the process of turning raw data into actionable information.

Main Features:

  • AI Voice Note Transcription
  • AI Open Text Translation
  • AI Open text analysis
  • AI Sentiment Analysis


Indeemo also provides reporting and analysis features to help you understand the data collected. It also boasts an AI powered analytics tool that makes it easier for you to draw insights from the videos you receive form respondents. This could mean spending more time on manual analysis or finding other solutions to thoroughly analyze audio and video data.

Main features:

  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Text analysis
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) AI allows you to extract and analyse text from screen recordings.
  • transcribed in over 20 languages and made searchable in minutes.
  • Keyword analysis tools


In summary, if you're keen on having an efficient panel management, high response rates, and robust data analysis, especially in emerging markets, Yazi seems to offer a more integrated and user-friendly solution. On the other hand, Indeemo also holds its ground, especially if you are more focused on visual data collection and have other arrangements for data analysis.


Indeemo's pricing model operates on a self-service SaaS basis with options for an annual license or project-by-project basis, which might appeal to organizations with distinct projects or those preferring a structured annual fee​1​.

Conversely, Yazi employs a one-time setup fee coupled with a pay-per-usage model, which could be more suitable for clients with fluctuating usage levels. While Indeemo provides a structured payment schedule, Yazi offers more flexibility with its pay-per-usage approach, potentially catering to a broader spectrum of usage scenarios.

Pros and Cons


The accessibility factor of Yazi shines brightly, especially when targeting the African market where WhatsApp usage is prevalent. Its unique WhatsApp integration allows for wide reach and engagement, overcoming the barriers of digital accessibility in these emerging markets. The real-time data collection and analysis, coupled with an attractive incentive management system, creates a conducive environment for both researchers and participants.


Indeemo, on the other hand, has its strengths too. It's highly regarded for its image and video capabilities which are crucial for certain types of qualitative research. However, when compared to Yazi, it might not offer the same level of accessibility and engagement, particularly in the African market where WhatsApp reigns supreme. The convenience of participating in surveys via WhatsApp as offered by Yazi is a notable superior feature.


Yazi emerges as a robust solution for market research in emerging markets, with its distinctive advantage being the integration with WhatsApp. This unique feature not only ensures higher accessibility but also makes it cost-effective, considering the low data usage of WhatsApp. Moreover, the rich data collection, including text, images, videos, and voice notes, provides a comprehensive understanding, essential for insightful analysis. The real-time AI-powered analysis further augments its value, making Yazi a compelling choice for market researchers aiming at these markets.

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