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Top 10 Alternatives to Alchemer for online surveys

March 14, 2024

Introduction: Exploring Alchemer Alternatives

In the dynamic and diverse landscape of emerging markets, particularly within the African continent, the quest for effective market research tools is both challenging and critical. These markets are not only flourishing with rapid economic growth and diverse cultures but are also marked by unique consumer behaviors and evolving digital landscapes. For businesses aiming to tap into these markets, traditional market research tools often fall short, requiring a shift towards more adaptable and culturally aligned alternatives. This is where exploring Alchemer alternatives becomes essential.

The need for such alternatives stems from the desire to conduct market research that is not just surface-level but deeply ingrained in the local context. Emerging markets, with their reliance on mobile technology and the prevalence of informal economies, demand tools that can navigate these nuances with precision and insight. The goal is to uncover data that is both accurate and actionable, bridging the gap between generic observations and the nuanced insights that can propel strategic decision-making forward. In this article, we delve into the top Alchemer alternatives that stand out not just for their innovative features but for their ability to transform the challenges of emerging markets into opportunities for insightful research and growth.


Overview of Product:

Yazi is a market research platform that uniquely integrates with WhatsApp, making it exceptionally suited for the African market and other emerging regions. This innovative approach capitalizes on the widespread use of WhatsApp across these markets, facilitating seamless survey distribution and engagement directly through a platform users are already familiar with and trust.

Core Features:

  • WhatsApp Integration: Directly connects with users on a platform they use daily, significantly increasing response rates.
  • Real-Time Data Collection: Captures immediate insights, allowing businesses to make timely, informed decisions.
  • AI-Powered Analysis: Transforms raw data into actionable insights with advanced artificial intelligence, making sense of complex market dynamics.
  • Incentive Mechanisms: Encourages participation through rewards, ensuring a higher response rate and more engaged respondents.
  • Low Data Usage: Optimized for low data consumption, crucial in regions with limited internet access or costly data plans.
  • Multilingual Support: Offers surveys in multiple languages, essential for reaching diverse populations within emerging markets.


Yazi's pricing model is designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate the varied budgets of businesses operating in emerging markets:

  • Audience Pricing: Starts at $2.95 B2C/respondent and $3.76 B2B/respondent, with a $214 setup fee per project, catering to those needing access to Yazi's respondent pool.
  • Research Software Pricing: For businesses seeking to use their own WhatsApp bot, pricing begins at $299/month, plus a one-time setup fee of $840, offering a scalable solution for companies of all sizes.

Yazi's approach not only addresses the logistical challenges of conducting market research in emerging markets but also aligns with the economic and cultural nuances of these regions, making it an invaluable tool for businesses aiming to gain a competitive edge.


Overview of Product:

Safiyo stands out as a innovative platform in the realm of market research, specifically designed to navigate the complexities of Africa's vast informal markets. By focusing on real-time data collection and analysis, Safiyo offers businesses unparalleled insights into the African consumer base, a demographic that has historically been challenging to reach through conventional market research methods.

Core Features:

  • Real-Time Data Collection: Utilizes advanced technology to gather insights instantly, allowing businesses to make decisions based on the most current market data.
  • Informal Market Focus: Specialises in understanding the informal sector, which is a significant component of the African economy, providing insights that other platforms might miss.
  • USSD, Voice & SMS Surveys: Offers versatile survey methods to reach respondents across different communication channels, crucial for areas with varied levels of technology access.
  • Demographic Information: Collects detailed demographic data, enabling businesses to tailor their strategies to specific market segments.
  • Data Exports: Provides comprehensive data export options (Excel, CSV, PDF, PPT), allowing for flexible data analysis and reporting.
  • Report Design and Question Creation: Features tools for custom report design and question creation, offering businesses the ability to customize surveys to their specific needs.


Safiyo's pricing structure is designed to cater to a wide range of business needs, from startups to large corporations, with a focus on flexibility and scalability:

  • Basic (Pay As You Go): Ideal for startups and personal use, with costs starting from $1.50 per respondent. This plan offers the flexibility of pay-as-you-go without the need for a large upfront deposit.
  • Business: Tailored for growing and large companies, this plan requires an account deposit of $10,000 and reduces the cost per respondent to as low as $0.70, depending on the volume. It includes 5 seats, dedicated account management, survey priority, and advanced data export and report design features.

Safiyo's approach to market research in Africa, with its emphasis on real-time data and understanding of the informal sector, positions it as a crucial tool for businesses aiming to penetrate and thrive in these emerging markets. Its pricing and features reflect a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the African market landscape.

Versus Africa

Overview of Product:

Versus Africa is a comprehensive market research platform designed specifically for the African market, recognizing the continent's rich linguistic and cultural diversity. It excels in providing real-time insights by leveraging social listening and on-demand surveys, making it adept at capturing the nuanced consumer behaviors that define African markets. Versus Africa's tools are finely tuned to track and analyze conversations across social networks, news sources, blogs, and forums, offering businesses a deep understanding of the African consumer psyche.

Core Features:

  • Social Network Conversations Tracking: Monitors social media platforms for mentions and trends relevant to your brand or market, essential for understanding consumer sentiment in real time.
  • African News Sources and Blogs Tracking: Keeps tabs on local news outlets and blogs, providing insights into regional trends and public opinion.
  • On-Demand Surveys with Demographic Filtering: Allows for targeted surveys that can be customized based on specific demographic criteria, ensuring data relevance and accuracy.
  • Influencer Tracking: Identifies key influencers within your market, offering opportunities for partnerships and targeted marketing strategies.
  • Unlimited Users and Exportable PDF Reports: Facilitates team collaboration with no limit on user access and the ability to export findings into shareable reports for easy dissemination of insights.
  • Custom Reporting and Consultation: Offers tailored reporting and expert consultation services, ensuring that businesses can interpret and act on the data effectively.


Versus Africa offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs and scales of operation, all billed annually:

  • Listen Starter: At $40 per month, ideal for individuals and startups, including social network, news, and blog tracking for up to 2k mentions per month.
  • For Marketers and Skilled Professionals: Priced at $179 per month, including $50 free Ask credits and up to 7.5k mentions per month, along with comprehensive tracking and reporting features.
  • Entrepreneur: At $359 per month, designed for growing businesses, this plan includes $200 free Ask credits and up to 20k mentions per month.
  • Enterprise: For large agencies and businesses, priced at $1,439 per month, offering $500 free Ask credits, 50k mentions per month, and additional features like brand comparison and on-demand consultation.

Versus Africa's approach to market research is uniquely tailored to the African context, providing businesses with the tools they need to navigate the continent's diverse and dynamic markets effectively.


Overview of Product:

GeoPoll is a pioneering mobile-based survey platform that harnesses the power of SMS, mobile web, and other mobile messaging technologies to connect with respondents across Africa and other emerging markets. Recognizing the mobile-first nature of these regions, GeoPoll facilitates the collection of valuable data directly from users' mobile devices. This approach allows for the execution of rapid, cost-effective studies, providing real-time insights that are crucial for making informed decisions in fast-changing market environments.

Core Features:

  • Wide Reach via Mobile Technologies: Utilizes SMS, mobile web, and other messaging platforms to ensure broad coverage across diverse demographic groups, even in remote areas.
  • Rapid Data Collection: Offers the ability to quickly deploy surveys and gather responses in real time, making it ideal for timely decision-making.
  • Cost-Effective Methodology: Designed to be economical, allowing for frequent and large-scale studies without the high costs associated with traditional survey methods.
  • High Response Rates: Mobile-based approaches lead to higher engagement and response rates, thanks to the convenience and accessibility of participating via personal devices.
  • Versatile Survey Capabilities: Supports a wide range of survey types and research needs, from consumer behavior studies to humanitarian feedback collection.
  • Localized Content: Provides surveys in multiple languages and formats suited to the local context, ensuring better understanding and more accurate responses.


GeoPoll operates with a tailored pricing model to fit the specific needs and scale of each project. While direct pricing details are not disclosed on their website, GeoPoll encourages potential clients to book a meeting for a personalized quote.

GeoPoll's innovative use of mobile technology to conduct market research represents a significant advancement for data collection in Africa and other emerging regions. By providing rapid, accessible, and cost-effective survey solutions, GeoPoll empowers businesses, NGOs, and governments to gain the insights they need to drive growth and make impactful decisions in these dynamic markets.

Google Forms

Overview of Product:

Google Forms is a versatile and user-friendly online tool that simplifies the creation of surveys, quizzes, and forms. Part of the broader suite of Google's productivity tools, it offers a straightforward way for individuals and businesses to gather information efficiently. With its integration into the Google ecosystem, including Docs, Sheets, and Drive, Google Forms facilitates seamless data collection and analysis. This tool is particularly effective in emerging markets, where accessibility and cost can significantly impact the ability to conduct comprehensive market research.

Core Features:

  • Ease of Use: Google Forms features an intuitive interface that allows for quick creation and deployment of surveys without the need for advanced technical skills.
  • Integration with Google Workspace: Automatically collects and organizes data into Google Sheets, enabling real-time analysis and collaboration.
  • Customisable Forms: Offers a range of question types and customization options to create surveys that meet specific research needs, including branding and design adjustments.
  • Accessibility: Being web-based, it's easily accessible across devices, ensuring wide reach even in areas with limited access to advanced technology.
  • Scalability: Suitable for any scale of research, from small polls to extensive surveys, without additional cost.
  • Data Security and Privacy: Benefits from Google's robust security measures, providing a trustworthy platform for collecting sensitive information.


Google Forms itself is free for personal use, offering unlimited forms and responses which is particularly advantageous for startups and small businesses in emerging markets. For organizations requiring more advanced features and integration with Google Workspace, Google offers:

  • Business Standard: At $12  per user per month with a 1-year commitment, this plan includes not just Google Forms but also access to secure cloud storage starting from 2 TB per user, custom business email through Gmail, video conferencing capabilities via Google Meet, and enhanced administrative controls and support.

This pricing structure makes Google Forms an accessible option for businesses at various stages, from individual entrepreneurs in emerging markets to established companies looking for a cost-effective way to conduct research and gather insights.

Google Forms stands out for its simplicity, efficiency, and integration with the broader Google ecosystem, making it a valuable tool for conducting quantitative research in emerging markets. Its ease of use, combined with the power of real-time data analysis and the security of Google's infrastructure, offers a practical solution for businesses aiming to understand and engage with their target audiences effectively.


Overview of Product:

KoboToolbox is a robust suite of tools designed for field data collection, particularly valuable in challenging environments such as humanitarian crises, remote, or rural areas of emerging markets. It's celebrated for its ability to facilitate offline data collection, making it an indispensable resource in regions with unreliable or nonexistent internet connectivity. This feature ensures that researchers can gather data seamlessly, regardless of location, enhancing the reliability and reach of their studies in emerging markets.

Core Features:

  • Offline Data Collection: Enables researchers to collect data in the field without an internet connection, with the data syncing to the server once connectivity is restored.
  • Unlimited Projects/Forms and Collaborators: Offers the flexibility to create as many surveys as needed and collaborate with an unlimited number of data collectors.
  • Support for Open Source Development: KoboToolbox's commitment to open source means continuous improvements and community-driven enhancements.
  • Automatic Speech-to-Text Transcription: Facilitates the conversion of spoken responses into text, crucial for analyzing qualitative data efficiently.
  • Machine Translation of Transcripts: Translates transcribed text into multiple languages, aiding researchers in overcoming language barriers in diverse markets.
  • Vibrant Community Forum and Learning Base: Provides extensive support resources, including a community forum and self-serve learning materials, to assist users in maximizing the platform's capabilities.


KoboToolbox offers a range of pricing plans to accommodate different data collection needs, from small projects to large-scale research initiatives:

  • Starter: $25 per month, ideal for small- to medium-sized surveys with 1,000 survey submissions per month and 0.5 GB of file storage.
  • Community: $99 per month, the most popular plan, suitable for most teams and individuals, offering 5,000 survey submissions per month and 1 GB of file storage.
  • Professional: $199 per month, designed for high volume data collection needs, with 25,000 survey submissions per month and unlimited file storage.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for large organizations requiring tailored solutions, offering unlimited survey submissions and file storage, along with additional features like group access, teams, and dedicated support.

KoboToolbox's unique value proposition lies in its ability to provide comprehensive, reliable, and adaptable data collection tools specifically designed to meet the challenges faced in emerging markets. Its emphasis on offline functionality, combined with scalable pricing and robust support, makes it an essential tool for researchers and organizations working in these dynamic environments.


Overview of Product:

Typeform stands out in the digital survey landscape with its user-friendly interface and visually engaging design, making it particularly appealing for markets characterized by high mobile usage. This platform excels at creating customisable surveys, forms, and quizzes that not only capture attention but also encourage completion. Its adaptability allows for the creation of surveys that can be finely tuned to reflect the cultural nuances of emerging markets, ensuring that questions resonate with respondents and yield meaningful insights.

Core Features:

  • Engaging User Interface: Designed to keep respondents interested from start to finish, crucial in mobile-dominant markets where user attention is fleeting.
  • Customizable Surveys: Offers extensive customisation options, allowing surveys to be culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate for diverse populations.
  • Unlimited Typeforms and Questions: Enables the creation of as many surveys and questions as needed, supporting comprehensive research efforts without additional costs.
  • Mobile Optimisation: Ensures surveys are easily accessible and fully functional on mobile devices, essential for regions with mobile-first internet users.
  • Advanced Data Analysis: The Business plan includes features like drop-off rates and conversion tracking, providing deeper insights into respondent behavior.
  • Cultural and Regulatory Compliance: The Enterprise plan offers HIPAA and GDPR compliance, along with customization for local regulations and data residency preferences.


Typeform's pricing structure is designed to accommodate a range of needs, from basic data collection to comprehensive research projects:

  • Basic: At $25 per month (billed yearly), this plan includes 100 responses per month, unlimited typeforms and questions, suitable for small-scale studies.
  • Plus: Priced at $50 per month (billed yearly), offering 1,000 responses per month, three users, and enhanced branding options like custom subdomains.
  • Business: At $83 per month (billed yearly), this plan provides 10,000 responses per month, five users, and advanced analysis tools for more in-depth research.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for organizations requiring extensive features, including tailored response limits, VIP support, and advanced compliance options.

Typeform's blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and customization makes it a powerful tool for conducting market research in emerging markets. Its focus on mobile optimization and cultural adaptability ensures that surveys not only reach a wide audience but also engage respondents in a meaningful way, leading to higher quality data collection and insights


Overview of Product:

QuestionPro distinguishes itself as a comprehensive survey platform that caters to the nuanced needs of emerging markets with its extensive suite of survey creation, distribution, and analysis tools. Known for its ease of use and wide range of functionalities, QuestionPro supports the development of surveys that can be customised to align with the diverse cultural and linguistic landscapes of these regions. Its platform is designed to facilitate both simple and complex data collection processes, making it a valuable asset for businesses, NGOs, and researchers focusing on emerging markets.

Core Features:

  • Extensive Survey Customisation: Provides a broad array of survey customisation options, allowing for the creation of culturally and linguistically appropriate surveys.
  • Advanced Logic and Branching: Implements sophisticated logic and branching capabilities, ensuring that respondents only see questions relevant to their experiences and responses.
  • Comprehensive Integrations: Offers seamless integration with a wide range of platforms and tools, enhancing data collection and analysis workflows.
  • Robust Data Analysis Tools: Features powerful analysis tools that deliver deep insights into survey data, enabling users to make informed decisions based on comprehensive data.
  • Global Data Center Support: Ensures data is processed and stored with high reliability and in accordance with regional data protection regulations, crucial for operations in diverse markets.
  • 24/7 Support: Provides round-the-clock chat and email support, ensuring users can resolve issues and get assistance whenever needed, regardless of their time zone.


QuestionPro's pricing model is structured to accommodate a variety of use cases and organisational sizes, making it accessible for users in emerging markets:

  • Essentials (Free): Offers basic survey creation and analysis tools for one user, with up to 200 responses per survey, making it an excellent starting point for small-scale projects.
  • Advanced ($99 per user/month, billed annually): This popular plan includes more sophisticated features for one user, allowing for up to 25K responses per year, and adds branding and advanced analysis options.
  • Team Edition ($83 per user/month, billed annually): Designed for collaborative teams, this plan supports 5+ users and up to 100K responses per year, with enhanced collaboration tools and dedicated account management.
  • Research Edition: Tailored for high-demand research environments, offering custom response limits and advanced features for large teams. Pricing and features are customized to meet the specific needs of the organization.

QuestionPro's robust platform, with its focus on customization, integration, and support, positions it as an ideal solution for conducting detailed and culturally sensitive research in emerging markets. Its scalable pricing plans ensure that organisations of all sizes can access the tools they need to gather valuable insights and make impactful decisions in these dynamic regions.


Overview of Product:

Survey2Connect represents a significant advancement in the field of survey platforms, specifically engineered to meet the dynamic needs of emerging markets. It stands out for its comprehensive approach to survey creation, distribution, and analysis, offering a suite of tools that cater to the intricate requirements of businesses, NGOs, and researchers focused on these regions. With an emphasis on user engagement and actionable insights, Survey2Connect is designed to facilitate deep understanding and connection with diverse audiences across emerging markets.

Core Features:

  • Intuitive Survey Design: Equipped with a user-friendly interface, it simplifies the process of creating engaging and culturally relevant surveys.
  • Advanced Analytical Tools: Offers robust analytical capabilities, enabling users to extract meaningful insights from complex data sets.
  • Wide Range of Question Types: Supports an extensive variety of question types, allowing for the collection of nuanced data that reflects the multifaceted nature of emerging market audiences.
  • Multi-Channel Distribution: Facilitates survey distribution across multiple channels, ensuring broad reach and accessibility, even in areas with limited internet connectivity.
  • Real-Time Feedback Collection: Enables the gathering of real-time responses, providing timely insights that are crucial for fast-paced emerging markets.
  • Localized Content Support: Allows for the creation of surveys in multiple languages and formats, ensuring cultural and linguistic appropriateness for targeted regions.


Survey2Connect adopts a customized pricing model to accommodate the diverse needs and scales of projects typical of emerging markets. While specific pricing details are not disclosed on their website, Survey2Connect encourages potential clients to book a call for a personalized consultation.

Survey2Connect's dedication to providing a platform that combines ease of use with powerful analytical tools and flexible distribution options makes it an invaluable resource for those seeking to engage with and understand the complexities of emerging markets. Its commitment to customization and localized content support further enhances its suitability for these diverse and rapidly evolving regions, offering a tailored solution for gathering actionable market insights.


Overview of Product:

Sago emerges as a transformative force in the landscape of data analytics and survey platforms, particularly tailored for the nuanced demands of emerging markets. It distinguishes itself through a deep commitment to empowering organizations with the tools needed to make data-driven decisions. Sago's platform is designed to facilitate not just the collection but also the intelligent analysis of data, enabling businesses, NGOs, and researchers to unlock actionable insights with precision and ease. Its focus on adaptability and user-centric design makes it especially relevant for stakeholders operating in the diverse and rapidly changing environments of emerging markets.

Core Features:

  • Comprehensive Data Analytics: Sago provides advanced analytical tools that allow users to delve deep into data, uncovering trends and patterns that inform strategic decisions.
  • Flexible Survey Tools: Offers a range of survey creation and deployment options, ensuring that organisations can gather data effectively across various contexts and channels.
  • User Engagement Optimization: Designed to maximize respondent engagement through intuitive interfaces and relevant content, crucial for maintaining high response rates.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Ensures seamless operation across devices and platforms, addressing the mobile-centric preferences of users in emerging markets.
  • Scalable Solutions: Capable of supporting projects of any scale, from small, localized studies to extensive, multinational research initiatives.
  • Localized Support: Provides support for multiple languages and cultural nuances, enabling the creation of surveys that resonate with specific audiences and regions.


Sago adopts a consultative approach to pricing, recognising the unique needs and challenges faced by organisations in emerging markets. While specific pricing details are not readily available on their website, Sago invites potential clients to get in touch for a personalised consultation.

Sago's platform stands out for its commitment to enabling insightful, data-driven decision-making in emerging markets. By combining sophisticated data analytics with flexible survey tools and a focus on user engagement, Sago offers a powerful resource for organizations looking to navigate the complexities of these regions with confidence

Conclusion: Selecting Market Research Tools for Emerging Markets

Choosing the right market research tools is pivotal in emerging markets, especially in Africa, where unique challenges require innovative solutions. Platforms like Yazi stand out for their tailored approach, leveraging WhatsApp integration and AI-powered analysis to offer actionable insights. These tools are designed to navigate the complexities of diverse markets, ensuring data collection is both meaningful and culturally relevant. For businesses and researchers, the key lies in selecting tools that align with their specific objectives, enabling them to deeply understand and effectively engage with these dynamic markets. Embracing tools that combine real-time data collection with insightful analysis can transform the challenges of emerging markets into strategic opportunities, paving the way for informed decision-making and sustainable growth.

FAQ: Alchemer Alternatives in Emerging Markets

What makes Yazi a preferred Alchemer alternative in emerging markets?

Yazi's integration with WhatsApp and AI-powered analysis tailor it for the unique dynamics of emerging markets. Its ability to engage users on a familiar platform and provide real-time, insightful data makes it highly effective for these regions.

How do emerging market challenges influence the choice of market research tools?

Emerging markets present unique challenges such as diverse languages, cultural nuances, and varying levels of internet access. Tools that offer localized content, offline data collection, and mobile optimization are therefore more effective.

Can Safiyo provide insights into Africa's informal sector effectively?

Yes, Safiyo specializes in real-time data collection and analysis tailored to Africa's informal sector, offering businesses unparalleled insights into this significant part of the African economy.

What features should I look for in a market research tool for emerging markets?

Look for features like multi-language support, mobile-first approaches, offline data collection capabilities, and real-time analytics to navigate the complexities of emerging markets successfully.

Are there affordable Alchemer alternatives for startups in emerging markets?

Yes, platforms like Google Forms and KoboToolbox offer free or low-cost options that are ideal for startups, providing essential survey creation and data analysis features without a significant investment.

How does Sago empower data-driven decisions in emerging markets?

Sago offers comprehensive data analytics and flexible survey tools designed for user engagement, making it a powerful resource for organizations aiming to make informed decisions in these markets.

What makes a market research tool effective in engaging respondents in emerging markets?

An effective tool engages respondents through user-friendly interfaces, culturally relevant content, and accessible formats, ensuring high response rates and meaningful insights.

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