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Top 10 Alternatives to Indeemo for Qualitative Research

April 4, 2024


In the realm of qualitative research, Indeemo stands out for its mobile ethnography capabilities, offering rich insights into consumer behaviours and experiences. Yet, the diversity of global markets demands a broader toolkit. As businesses and researchers strive to understand varied cultural and economic landscapes, the search for Indeemo alternatives becomes crucial. This exploration is not merely about finding similar tools but identifying platforms that adapt to different consumer bases, especially in emerging markets. Here, we introduce top alternatives to Indeemo, focusing on their unique strengths, from methodological flexibility to deep consumer engagement. Whether you're expanding your research toolkit or seeking competitive market insights, choosing the right platform is essential for capturing the nuanced dynamics of today's diverse markets


Overview of Product:

Dscout stands out as a versatile platform for mobile ethnography, offering robust tools for qualitative research that are especially effective in capturing in-the-moment insights. It's designed to facilitate remote research by leveraging the power of smartphones, making it an excellent alternative for conducting qualitative studies across diverse markets. Dscout's approach to research prioritizes user experience, enabling researchers to gather rich, qualitative data through video diaries, surveys, and live interviews.

Core Features

  • Remote Research Capabilities: Enables studies to be conducted anywhere, tapping into a global pool of participants.
  • Video Diaries and Surveys: Collects authentic user experiences through video responses, providing deeper insights into consumer behavior.
  • Live Interviews: Offers tools for conducting live, remote interviews, adding a personal dimension to data collection.
  • Participant Recruitment: Access to a diverse participant pool, allowing for targeted research across various demographics.
  • Data Analysis Tools: Features advanced tools for analyzing qualitative data, including video and audio transcripts.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies the research process for both participants and researchers, enhancing engagement and data quality.


Dscout's pricing model is customized based on the specific needs of each project, ensuring that researchers can access the features and support they require for their studies. Interested parties are encouraged to book a consultation call with Dscout to discuss project requirements and obtain a tailored pricing plan. This approach allows for flexibility and scalability, catering to projects of all sizes and complexities in the realm of qualitative research.

Overview of Product: is a leading digital platform designed to facilitate qualitative research through live moderated sessions, asynchronous research, and insightful analytics. It stands out as a versatile solution for researchers looking to engage with participants in real-time and gather deep consumer insights. With features like mobile and desktop screen sharing, enables a more immersive research experience, making it an excellent alternative for comprehensive qualitative studies.

Core Features:

  • Live Moderated Sessions: Offers an interactive environment for conducting in-depth interviews and focus groups with participants from any location.
  • Asynchronous Research: Enables scalable qualitative activities, allowing researchers to collect data over time without the need for live interaction.
  • Insights and Analytics: Provides smart searchable transcriptions, tools for creating and sharing highlight reels, and advanced text and tag analytics for thorough data analysis.
  • Pre-recorded Research: Supports the collection of responses at the convenience of participants, adding flexibility to the research process.
  • Respondent Management: Includes a respondent hub and consent forms to streamline participant organization and ensure ethical research practices.
  • Advanced Tools: Features generative AI for enhanced data analysis and offers professional research services for project support.

Pricing:'s pricing structure is designed to cater to a broad range of research needs, from individual projects to comprehensive studies by large organizations:

  • 30-Days Unlimited Use: Starting at $2500, this package offers unlimited access to's platform for a team, including live moderated sessions, asynchronous research tools, insights analytics, and more.
  • Pro Plan: Tailored for agencies seeking advanced features and support. Pricing is available upon request and includes optional add-ons for live support during moderated sessions.
  • Premium Plan: Ideal for brands requiring extensive research capabilities and live support. Pricing details are provided upon request, with options for project management services.
  • Premium+ Plan: Offers the highest level of support and project management for large-scale research projects. Pricing is customized based on specific needs and includes additional features like generative AI and custom reporting.'s flexible pricing and comprehensive feature set make it a powerful tool for conducting qualitative research in today's digital landscape. Its ability to provide deep insights through a variety of research methods positions it as a valuable alternative for those seeking to uncover meaningful consumer behaviors and preferences.


Overview of Product:

QualSights offers an immersive platform designed to provide unparalleled depth in qualitative research. Its unique approach enables researchers to gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviours, motivations, and experiences through live and asynchronous interactions. By leveraging multimedia inputs and real-time engagement, QualSights facilitates a more nuanced and comprehensive collection of qualitative data, making it an excellent alternative for those seeking to dive deeper into consumer insights.

Core Features

  • Design Flexibility: No constraints on methodology, media type, or moderation approach. Options include synchronous or asynchronous methods, and a choice of video, photo, audio, or text formats, allowing for a mix of methodologies in diverse contexts.
  • Variety of Interaction Types: Supports both live moderation and asynchronous, self-guided studies.
  • Diverse Media Types: Enables the capture and analysis of video, photo, audio, and text data.
  • Wide Range of Methodologies: Accommodates various qualitative research methodologies, including diary studies, ethnography, concept testing, in-home usage studies, behavioural observation, screen recording, video surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and surveys.
  • Location Independence: Facilitates research in settings where participants feel most comfortable and authentic, such as kitchens, dinner tables, stores, bars, and more.
  • Bias Reduction: Offers participants the tools to conduct their own studies using self-moderated, asynchronous, and mobile-based technology, minimising biases like anchoring, observer bias, and confirmation bias.


QualSights adopts a consultative approach to pricing, recognising the varied needs of qualitative research projects. While specific pricing details are not publicly available, QualSights encourages potential clients to book a demo to explore how the platform can be tailored to their research objectives and budget. This personalised approach ensures that researchers can access a solution that fits their project's scale and complexity, from small studies to extensive multinational research initiatives.

QualSights stands out for its ability to provide an immersive and comprehensive view of consumer insights, supported by advanced technology and flexible research methodologies. Its focus on deep, actionable insights makes it a valuable tool for researchers aiming to uncover the underlying factors driving consumer behaviour.

Quantilope InColor

Overview of Product:

Quantilope InColor presents a revolutionary platform tailored for dynamic market research, offering a fresh perspective on understanding consumer preferences, emotions, and perceptions. This innovative tool transcends traditional survey methods by integrating advanced psychological principles with cutting-edge technology. Quantilope InColor enables researchers to capture the nuances of consumer responses in real-time, providing a deeper, more colourful insight into the market landscape.

Core Features

  • Psychological Depth: Incorporates psychological frameworks to elicit more profound consumer insights, going beyond surface-level responses.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Utilises emotional analysis to understand the underlying sentiments driving consumer behaviour.
  • Colour Association Techniques: Leverages colour as a medium to capture subconscious consumer reactions, offering unique insights into preferences and perceptions.
  • Real-Time Data Analysis: Employs advanced algorithms for immediate analysis of consumer responses, facilitating quicker decision-making.
  • Interactive Survey Experience: Engages participants with an interactive, visually stimulating survey environment, enhancing response quality and engagement.
  • Customisable Research Frameworks: Provides flexibility in research design, allowing for bespoke studies tailored to specific market research objectives.


Quantilope InColor adopts a custom pricing model, tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of each research project. Detailed pricing information is available upon request through a personalised demo. This approach ensures that businesses and researchers can access a pricing plan that aligns with their project's scope, complexity, and budgetary requirements, offering a scalable solution for both small-scale studies and extensive research initiatives.

Quantilope InColor distinguishes itself by offering a unique blend of psychological insight and advanced analytical capabilities, making it an invaluable tool for researchers seeking to delve deeper into the consumer psyche. Its innovative use of colour association and emotional analysis opens new avenues for understanding consumer behaviour, providing a richer, more nuanced view of the market.


Yazi is a market research platform that allows research teams conduct qualitative research through a chatbot based on WhatsApp. Their survey feature lets you capture videos, images and voice recordings for you study. You can either source your target audience through them or you can upload your own audience you want to research, launch your study and get the insights you need. This solution is specifically good for qualitative research in emerging markets where WhatsApp penetration rate is very high. This in turn giving you high response rates you never seen before in emerging markets.

Key Feautures and Benefits:

- Rich Data Capture:  Video(MP4), Audio (MP3) and Images (JPG)

- Logic and Branching: Skip logic and question routing built into tool

- Data Quality Checks: Responses run through an auto check to verify legitimacy

- Notifications and Reminders: Prompt your respondents to continue responding in your digital diary studies

- Panel Management: Have a full demographic profile on your respondents, how much they have received in payouts and when last they have participated.

- Analysis: AI-driven qualitative assessments and quantitative categorisation, cross-section analysis and audience segmentation tailored to your specific research goals.


There are two different pricing structures.

If you are sourcing the panel from Yazi:

- B2C: $2.94/Respondent + $214 setup fee per project

- B2B: $3.76/Respondent + $214 setup fee per project

If you have your own panel and your own chatbot:

- Basic: From $299/month for up to 1500 respondents + $814 once off setup fee

- Standard: From $464/month for up to 3000 respondents + $814 once off setup fee

- Enterprise: 3000+ respondents, get a quote


Overview of Product:

Sago introduces a suite of innovative platforms designed to streamline the research process, offering a comprehensive solution for both quantitative and qualitative research needs. With platforms like Methodify, QualBoard, and QualMeeting, Sago empowers researchers to conduct studies with efficiency, flexibility, and depth. These tools are tailored to meet the dynamic demands of today's market research, providing a seamless integration of technology and methodology to capture authentic insights.

Core Features

  • Methodify: An automated market research platform that rapidly tests and optimises marketing campaigns, products, and services, ensuring that decisions are data-driven and consumer-focused.
  • QualBoard: A digital qualitative platform for conducting bulletin board discussions, diaries, and journals, enabling researchers to dive deep into consumer thoughts and behaviours over extended periods.
  • QualMeeting: Offers real-time, online in-depth interviews and focus groups, leveraging video conferencing to connect with participants globally, bringing the richness of face-to-face qualitative research into the digital realm.
  • Integrated Participant Management: Simplifies the recruitment and management of participants across platforms, ensuring a diverse and engaged respondent pool for every study.
  • Rich Media Insights: Supports the collection and analysis of text, video, and audio responses, providing a holistic view of consumer interactions and experiences.
  • Advanced Analytic Capabilities: Each platform comes equipped with powerful analytics tools, enabling researchers to uncover deep insights and actionable intelligence from collected data.


Sago adopts a consultative approach to pricing, recognising the unique needs of each research project. While specific pricing details are not available publicly, Sago encourages interested parties to book a demo for a customised pricing plan. This personalised strategy ensures that businesses and researchers can access a solution that perfectly matches their project's requirements, budget, and goals, offering a flexible and scalable approach to market research.

Sago's innovative platforms represent a significant advancement in the field of market research, providing researchers with the tools needed to conduct comprehensive studies across a variety of consumer interactions. By combining advanced technology with user-centric design, Sago offers a powerful solution for capturing in-depth insights, making it an essential resource for businesses seeking to understand and engage with their target markets effectively.


Overview of Product:

UserTesting offers a dynamic platform that enables businesses to gather real-time feedback from users worldwide. This platform is designed to streamline the process of user experience research, making it easier for companies to understand consumer preferences, behaviors, and challenges. By facilitating direct interaction with participants through video feedback, UserTesting provides a window into the user's perspective, offering actionable insights that can drive product development, marketing strategies, and overall user satisfaction.

Core Features

  • Global Participant Pool: Access to a diverse global audience allows for targeted feedback across different demographics, regions, and user types.
  • Live Video Feedback: Captures genuine reactions and responses from users as they interact with your product, website, or service, providing a depth of understanding that traditional surveys cannot.
  • Interactive Test Creation: Enables the design of custom test plans that guide users through specific tasks or questions, ensuring focused insights into areas of interest.
  • Rapid Results Delivery: Most feedback is received within hours of launching a test, allowing for quick iterations and agile response to user input.
  • Advanced Segmentation and Filtering: Offers powerful tools to segment feedback and pinpoint the most relevant insights for your research objectives.
  • Integrated Analysis Tools: Includes features for annotating, organizing, and analyzing video feedback to highlight key findings and trends.


UserTesting's pricing model is designed to accommodate a range of research needs, from quick insights on a single project to comprehensive feedback across multiple campaigns:

  • Individual Plans: Tailored for small teams or projects, offering a limited number of video sessions per month. Ideal for startups or businesses with specific, short-term research needs.
  • Professional Plans: Aimed at larger teams requiring more extensive feedback, these plans offer increased session limits and additional features such as advanced segmentation and team collaboration tools.
  • Enterprise Solutions: Customised solutions for organizations needing enterprise-level capabilities, including full access to the participant pool, unlimited sessions, and dedicated support.

For detailed pricing information and to choose a plan that best fits your research needs, UserTesting encourages potential users to contact them directly for a personalized quote. This approach ensures that businesses can access a pricing strategy that aligns with their specific goals and budget.

UserTesting stands out as a powerful tool for businesses seeking to gain a deeper understanding of their users' experiences. By providing real-time, authentic user feedback, UserTesting helps companies make informed decisions that enhance user satisfaction and drive product success.


Overview of Product:

UserInterviews offers a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the recruitment of participants for various research studies. Specializing in qualitative research, UserInterviews facilitates the connection between researchers and a diverse pool of participants, ensuring that studies can be conducted efficiently and effectively. By simplifying the recruitment process, UserInterviews helps researchers focus on gathering insights rather than the logistics of participant management.

Core Features for Qualitative Research:

  • Diverse Participant Pool: Access to a wide range of participants from various demographics and backgrounds, enabling targeted recruitment for specific research needs.
  • Automated Scheduling: Simplifies the process of scheduling sessions with participants, reducing administrative overhead and improving efficiency.
  • Automated Incentive Distribution: Ensures participants are compensated promptly and accurately, enhancing participant satisfaction and willingness to engage.
  • Screener Survey Skip Logic: Utilizes advanced survey logic to screen participants, ensuring that only those who meet the study criteria are selected.
  • Project Coordinator Support: Offers assistance from experienced project coordinators to help manage the recruitment process and address any challenges.
  • Integration with Research Tools: Seamless integration with various research tools and platforms, facilitating a smooth transition from recruitment to study execution.


UserInterviews provides flexible pricing options to accommodate different research needs and budgets:

  • Pay As You Go: Ideal for individuals and small teams with infrequent research needs, priced at $45/session. Additional services such as B2B recruiting and double screening are available as add-ons.
  • Starter Plan: Designed for teams with ongoing research practices, offering 60 sessions per year at $175/month, billed annually. This plan includes all Pay As You Go features, plus additional benefits like rollover sessions and past screener library access.
  • Essential Plan: Tailored for teams requiring more extensive research, with 150 sessions per year at $325/month, billed annually. Includes all features of the Starter plan, with increased session capacity and additional support services.
  • Custom Plan: For teams with high-volume research needs or custom requirements, UserInterviews offers bespoke solutions. Pricing and features are negotiated to match the specific needs of the organization, ensuring a tailored approach to participant recruitment.

UserInterviews stands out as a vital tool for researchers seeking efficient and effective participant recruitment. Its comprehensive platform, combined with flexible pricing and robust support, makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of qualitative research projects.


Overview of Product:

Recollective is an advanced online platform designed for qualitative research, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to facilitate in-depth studies, community engagement, and participant interaction. It stands out for its ability to support unlimited activities, participants, and admin accounts within a single, all-inclusive pricing model. Recollective is tailored to meet the needs of researchers seeking a flexible, scalable solution for conducting sophisticated qualitative studies across various industries and sectors.

Core Features for Qualitative Research:

  • Unlimited Activities: Allows researchers to conduct as many activities as needed, ensuring flexibility in study design and execution.
  • All-Inclusive Pricing: Simplifies budgeting with a straightforward pricing model that includes all standard features, support, and platform updates.
  • Unlimited Admin Accounts: Offers unrestricted access for research teams, eliminating the need to share accounts and enhancing collaboration.
  • Flexible Upgrades: Provides the option to add extra project days, participants, or video minutes anytime, accommodating changes in research scope.
  • Comprehensive Support: Includes unlimited online training, technical support, and best practice advice, ensuring researchers can maximise the platform's potential.
  • Data Hosting Options: Offers data residency choices in the US, Canada, EU, Australia, or Korea, with dedicated or HIPAA-compliant server configurations available on request.


Recollective's pricing structure is designed to accommodate various research needs and business models, offering flexibility and predictability in research costs:

  • Project Pricing: Ideal for single projects with no long-term commitment, starting from just 3 days with 10 participants. This tier includes pre-launch and post-study admin access, training, and support.
  • Multi-Client Agency License: Suited for research agencies requiring an unlimited number of studies annually for different end-clients, significantly reducing average project costs and setup time.
  • Annual License: Best for building ongoing research communities, with the ability to refresh participants without affecting pricing tiers. Includes substantial discounts and upgrade options.
  • Special Licenses: Available for emerging economic regions, educational institutions, and not-for-profit organizations, offering tailored pricing solutions.

Recollective provides a robust and versatile platform for qualitative research, combining unlimited research capabilities with an all-inclusive, flexible pricing model. Its comprehensive support and data hosting options make it an excellent choice for researchers and agencies looking to conduct in-depth studies with ease and efficiency.


Overview of Product:

Quallie emerges as a dynamic and user-friendly online platform tailored for qualitative research, offering a suite of versatile tools designed to facilitate in-depth insights into consumer behaviour and preferences. Specialising in both text-based and video modules, Quallie supports a wide range of qualitative research activities, including bulletin boards, diaries, blogs, questionnaires, text chats, and video rooms. This platform is ideal for researchers seeking a comprehensive, yet flexible solution to conduct qualitative studies across various market segments and consumer demographics.

Core Features for Qualitative Research:

  • Diverse Research Modules: Includes video rooms, text chats, bulletin boards, diaries, blogs, and questionnaires, catering to a broad spectrum of research needs.
  • Flexible Participant Engagement: Supports up to 300 respondents, allowing for small to large-scale projects with varied participant interaction.
  • Pay as You Go Pricing: Offers competitive project-based pricing, ensuring cost-effectiveness for projects of all sizes.
  • Video Focus Group Capabilities: Provides additional video credits for video sessions, accommodating higher infrastructure demands for video streaming.
  • Intuitive Project Management: Each project is a virtual workspace with a unique URL, including respondents and activities for streamlined management.
  • Comprehensive Support: Offers tutorials, a helpdesk, and the option for a personal demo or a free test account to ensure ease of use and satisfaction.


Quallie's pricing structure is designed to offer flexibility and affordability for qualitative research projects:

  • Free Plan: For up to 5 participants with only text-based activities. Maximum of 2 projects per month.
  • Basic (€95): Suitable for small projects with up to 8 respondents and 8 pages. Includes all modules for 1 month.
  • Standard (€175): Designed for mid-sized projects with up to 50 respondents and 50 pages. Includes all modules for 1 month.
  • Plus (€295): For larger projects with up to 100 respondents and 100 pages. Includes all modules for 1 month.
  • Advanced (€400): Best for big projects with up to 300 respondents and 300 pages. Includes all modules for 1 month.

Additional fees apply for video focus groups, with costs based on the number of participants and session length. Quallie encourages potential users to request a personal demo or create a free test account to explore the platform's capabilities. Payment can be made via bank transfer, credit/debit card, PayPal, or Wise, with volume discounts available for high-volume clients.

Quallie stands out for its comprehensive qualitative research tools, flexible pricing, and commitment to user satisfaction, making it an attractive option for researchers looking for a reliable and adaptable platform to gather deep consumer insights.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Qualitative Research Tools

Selecting the ideal qualitative research tool is crucial in today's diverse market landscapes. The platforms we've explored offer functionalities tailored to various research needs, from consumer insights to market analysis. Each provides unique features and pricing to suit different research goals.

As you navigate your research journey, consider these alternatives for their ability to align with your objectives and the markets you're investigating. Whether exploring emerging markets or capturing user experiences, there's a tool designed for your needs.

Carefully assess each platform, considering flexibility, engagement, analysis capabilities, and cost-effectiveness. The right choice will unlock deeper insights and support strategic decisions, enhancing your understanding of dynamic consumer landscapes.

FAQ: Top Indeemo Alternatives for Qualitative Research

Q1: What are the top Indeemo alternatives for qualitative research?

A1: Top alternatives include dscout,, Sago, UserTesting, User Interviews, Recollective, and Quallie, each offering unique features for diverse qualitative research needs.

Q2: How do dscout and compare in pricing to Indeemo?

A2: While Indeemo requires a demo for pricing details, dscout and also typically require direct contact for pricing, reflecting their tailored approach to qualitative research solutions.

Q3: Which Indeemo alternative is best for mobile ethnography?

A3: dscout is highly regarded for mobile ethnography, offering robust tools for capturing in-the-moment insights through mobile devices.

Q4: Can Sago and UserTesting provide real-time user feedback?

A4: Yes, both Sago and UserTesting specialise in gathering real-time feedback, with Sago focusing on methodological flexibility and UserTesting on user experience insights.

Q5: Are there any budget-friendly alternatives to Indeemo for startups?

A5: User Interviews and Quallie offer competitive, project-based pricing, making them accessible options for startups and small teams conducting qualitative research.

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