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Compare Market Research Solutions in Emerging Markets

Picking a solution to manage all of your digital market research needs in an emerging market is a critical decision. We’ve put together a list of comparisons to help you make the best choice.

Below, you'll find out how research platforms similar to Yazi compare on data collection types, recruiting, response rates, pricing and more.

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Flexible, Usage-Based Pricing

Fixed Monthly Pricing Plans

Annual Fixed Subscription or Project by Project basis

Annual Fixed Subscription or Project by Project basis

Monthly or Annual Subscription

Monthly or Annual Subscription

Minimum Contract Length

No Fixed Contract, Month-to-Month

Has a Minimum Contract Length

Has a Minimum Contract Length

Has a Minimum Contract Length

No fixed Contract, Month-to-month

No Fixed Contract, Month-to-Month

Communication & Engagement

Notifications and bulk messaging

Manage Conversations

Data Collection & Management

Audio Transcriptions

Voice, Image & Video Data Collection

Real Time Data Collection

Participant Management

Data Security

Survey Customization & Logic

In-Study Logic, Routing and In-text Branching

Question Types

Qualitative Surveys

Analysis & Reporting

AI open Text Analysis

AI Sentiment Analysis

Data Exports (CSV, Excel, PDF)

Data Visualisation

Additional Features

Incentive Fulfilment and Management

Translate Responses and Questions

Don’t Take Our Words For It - Listen To Our Clients

Discover why leading agencies and researchers trust Yazi for their data collection needs. Hear directly from our satisfied clients who've experienced the transformative power of our platform.

Nathan Mengel

Lead Venture Manager, The Delta

"Yazi's targeted approach was essential in validating our concept for a project aimed at SMEs. Their efficient data collection and ability to access the right market segment provided us with the crucial insights needed to validate and refine our product strategy, especially in understanding operational, pricing, and competitive dynamics."

Marichen Herholdt

Product Designer, Byte Orbit

"Yazi was a game-changer for us! It helped us connect with a typically hard-to-reach audience via WhatsApp, opening up a whole new segment for our research. It was quick, cost-effective, and highly personalised. We received our results in less than 24 hours! Yazi saved us loads of time and empowered us with valuable insights to make informed product development decisions based on a deeper understanding of our audience."

Oliver Latouf

UX Researcher, Olympus Bank @Old Mutual

"Yazi's WhatsApp platform has been such an amazing resource for our team to utilise. It granted us swift and direct access to our target market, significantly enhancing our product development process. Tim from the Yazi team was particularly helpful, offering guidance on question design and research methodology. Thanks to Yazi, we were able to refine our marketing strategy, positioning, and communication effectively."

Rowan Clarke

PhD Candidate, Harvard Business School

"Working with Yazi, and particularly with Tim, showcased the platform's remarkable flexibility and problem-solving prowess. Tim's foresight and ability to anticipate our project needs were exceptional. Yazi's adaptability was key in managing the dynamic demands of academic research, proving invaluable in my studies."

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