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Cryptocurrency Ownership in South Africa



An overview of the crypto adoption in South-Africa.


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Cryptocurrency Ownership In South Africa: 

The Finder Cryptocurrency Adoption Index is a report that ranks 221 countries and territories based on their adoption of cryptocurrencies. The index is based on several factors, including the percentage of the population that owns cryptocurrencies, the number of crypto ATMs per capita, and the number of businesses that accept cryptocurrencies as payment. According to the report, South Africa is the African country with the highest cryptocurrency adoption, ranking 35th globally.

Key takeaways

  1. Around 4 million South Africans own cryptocurrencies, indicating the growing popularity of digital assets in the country.
  2. South Africa is the third-largest market in Africa for peer-to-peer crypto transactions, after Nigeria and Kenya.
  3. The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has established a fintech unit to study cryptocurrencies and develop a regulatory framework.
  4. South Africans are warned about the risks associated with cryptocurrencies, including scams and potential losses.
  5. Chainalysis ranks South Africa 10th globally in terms of cryptocurrency adoption, suggesting potential for further market expansion.