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Online shopping market research in South Africa: WhatsApp survey

October 19, 2022

Consumer Insights

We surveyed 850 people to understand their attitude and behaviour towards making online purchases.

Surveyed audience breakdown

819 people surveyed

Survey method: WhatsApp using Yazi’s research panel

Date: July 2022

Notable consumer insights:

Takealot is responsible for creating millions of online shoppers in SA - converting behaviour right at the top of the “online purchase” funnel. Once people have crossed the first hurdle of making a purchase online, the market size of online buyers increases - other ecommerce players stand to gain.

Takealot is likely to have seen a reduction in CAC (Cost of Customer Acquisition) as they reached a point of  critical mass - in both consumer trust and normalising online shopping.

Shopping online

Have you purchased anything online before?

First online purchase

We asked 4 questions to understand when, why, what and from who people started shopping online.

Why did you first buy online?

41% started shopping online because it was easier or quicker than in-person.

Starting date

Which year did you first buy online?
Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 22.29.11.png

Online purchasing behaviour creators

Who did you first buy from?

What was the category of the first thing you bought?

Online shopping more recently

How satisfied with the experience were you?
Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 22.36.32.png
Which describes your online shopping habits now or after making your first online order?